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Unique solution provide the latest communication & technology with best broadband network services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. We participate in the internet and web economy that will ensure equitable & inclusive development across the nation. We assure you that you will enjoy uninterrupted broadband services all the time. We provide best & hassle free solutions in terms of telecommunication related services. We provide high speed internet access with exciting value added services. You can pick just the right one for you according to your requirement. So take your Airtel connection now and experience the fastest internet browsing and downloading. Explore your internet connection’s full potential with us and enjoy complete home and business solution.


With a successful history over the years, we has driven changes in this industry by taking the lead in providing affordable broadband access to more than thousands of satisfied users in Tricity. We provide high performance network with consistent speed delivery, not more nor less than for which you signed up for. We have developed the perfect platform in order to deliver best customer service levels. We are getting set to making broadband available anywhere & everywhere. We support the network that is designed in such a way that full redundancy is available for bandwidth between any two points. More and more people take access to our services, for this SK Call Solutions ensure high-speed, stable, reliable and symmetrical broadband services

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Creating customer-value is the top priority. Unique solution will take care of customer happiness beyond customer satisfaction. We provide quality services that will save time and money of the customers. Our unconventional thinking, personalized service with perfect business principles and providing more than we commit for makes us stand apart in this industry. Top quality service must be provided which is timely and efficient and we look forward in servicing customers across the platform. If you ever run into an issue, we are available 24/7 for your help. We guarantee the smoothest and the most stable of internet connections for all of our users. With our service you can look forward to reliable and blisteringly fast connections with the minimum of downtime.


In the world of Internet technology, the Wireless Broadband is the latest entrant. It provides services through a wide area. Through this either for single user or multiple users, you get faster downloads, streaming audio and video content, email & more! Using wireless technology rather than having a hard wired network can be much more cost-effective as increase in mobility is by far the biggest attraction that wirelesses networking holds for most businesses. With the help of Wireless Broadband you are able to sit at any terminal, anywhere in the building and access the server is a great advantage. It brings freedom of operation and speeds up the working process.

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